MSP Marketing Plan: 4 Ways To Make Sure That You’re Receiving Attention

MSP marketing plan

A solid managed service provider or MSPis needed in order to gain attention from possible customers. The MSP arena is too crowded now, which makes the competition stiffer than ever. Having new customers through an efficient MSP marketing plan and keeping those that you currently have will put your company in a more stable situation.

There are several possible reasons why the company should start establishing a solid MSP marketing plan. An ineffective marketing effort, which could mean no marketing at all, or the business is busy with its current customers that there is just no time to draw up a plan, are just some examples.

Whatever the reason may be, building a marketing strategy is important to any MSP plan for a business. Once a strategy is developed, adding a few more things will start the ball rolling, then your business will be on its way to success.

Below are four possible ways by which your business can start gaining attention:

One good business plan is needed.

It is always important to draw up a business plan. One can start by setting up a goal. Then, the management or the key personnel can discuss the ways on how the business will reach it. Having an objective will keep everybody focused. The goal or goals can also be the driving force for every employee of the business to increase productivity and be efficient with their work. In a webinar by Gary Pica, he had shared the process he used in building his MSP sales organization and was able to achieve more than $500,000 a month of recurring income.

Obtaining good SEO rankings with the use of video marketing.

The current technology has opened up a huge door for businesses. A business can have its own website in a very short amount of time. However, having a website is simply not enough. Prospects need to be lured into an avenue where they can be shown the products and services that a business can offer, and hopefully convert them into a spending customer. But customers need to find the business first and Search Engine Optimization or SEO is needed here for that purpose, which makes it a huge part of your marketing plan.

Being on the top of the page of a Google’s search report is the ultimate goal. It will be very hard to attain, but deploying a video marketing material will greatly benefit the business’ ranking. As per MSP marketing expert Stuart Crawford, a video presentation is a very important ingredient for a marketing strategy.

Cold calls can generate leads

It is an old marketing technique, but it works perfectly fine and it fits right even in this hi-tech world. Promote the MSP business by calling small businesses and if done correctly, this can bring in new customers.

Hook them up with important key points

There are several important key points in any business transaction. First, one is to establish trust; second is to listen and understand where they are coming from, their pain points; andthird is to let the prospect know that the business can help them with their current issues.

MSP marketing plans can make or break a business. Be sure that your business are equipped to establish a good one.